disney resume tips

Every job search includes a resume. Whether you’re looking for your first job or your latest position, it’s a necessary document to find the right opportunity.

We’re going to give you seven disney resume tips that will help you create a resume that stands out and grabs the attention of your audience.

Here are some helpful tips for creating a disney resume.

  1. Use the Right Resume Template

Resume templates are a great place to start. They are a helpful, quick guide to ensure that you’re putting the appropriate information on your resume.

You can choose from a variety of pre-built templates that focus on most of the top fields for job seekers—for example, IT professionals, customer support specialists, sales professionals and many more. You can also customize and personalize your resume to highlight exactly what will make you a good fit for the position.

  1. Get it Proofread by an Expert First

A mistake on your resume can be lethal in terms of getting an interview and once you get there, some small errors could cost you the job. In fact, some experts say a resume only has a 70% chance of getting you an interview.

Before you send it out to your potential employers, get it checked by someone who’s an expert at the type of profession and company you’re applying to. An editor can look out for spelling errors, grammatical errors and typos that are common in resumes. A professional proofreader will be able to catch other important issues including formatting mistakes and layout.

  1. Make sure Your Resume is Up-to-Date for 2022

The job market is constantly changing with new technologies and trends changing constantly, so it’s imperative that your resume reflects this information by staying current with your work history, updates or certifications.

If you’ve added some new skills or certifications, if you’ve changed the job titles on your resume, or if you’ve switched jobs, be sure to use up-to-date information.

  1. Build Your Resume with Keywords

You combine keywords that are used as search terms by recruiters with important information that isn’t as commonly used. This gives your resume a better chance of getting noticed by employers. These are the terms that employers look for when they’re searching through resumes. Include them in your “skills” section and in headings in your resume.

Include these words: passion, leadership, teamwork, analytical, problem solving, sales driven and more!

  1. Put your Name in the Top-Right Corner

Research shows that people spend a very short time looking at each resume before deciding whether or not to continue reading. Placing your name and contact information in top right corner gives you the best possible chance of making it to the next level in your job search.

  1. Start with your Strengths

The strength section on your resume offers a great opportunity to show something special, unique or different about you that’s relevant to the position and industry. You can relate it to the job you’re applying for or you can use it as an example of a unique talent, leadership experience, or something that stands out—for example, being a member of an organization that monitors invasive species.

  1. Keep it Not Too Personal and Show You’re Candid

Your resume is traditionally used as a tool to get your foot in the door so that you can start working on another disney resume tips page. It’s not the place to get too personal—save that for a networking opportunity. It’s also not the time to show off photos, social media accounts or other information.

Focus on your experience, education and achievements. You can always share more in-depth information about yourself during an interview if you make it to that stage of the hiring process.

Work with a resume expert! There are many reasons why hiring managers choose one resume over another — usually because of things they can’t put their finger on. That’s where we come in! We review your resume for language and content issues, design and layout problems, appropriate formatting for your field, etc., so that you can have peace of mind when submitting your application.

Is it hard to get a job at Disney?

There is a general perception that if you want to work for Disney, you have to be young, good looking and fit the “Disney Character” look. For some people it really is true, but for many others it’s not necessary.

If you truly want to work at Disney, you’ll need to look deeper than just the physical requirements of the job. Sure there are certain skills such as being able to juggle, or be able to walk on stilts or do magic tricks – but those are probably not required for most positions.

What Disney is really looking for in a prospective employee is someone who has a passion for their product. That could be in the form content, art, music, history or the way they prepare and serve food. If you have a passion for disney you’ll never be able to work at Disney World without doing your best, which means that you’ll stand out from everyone else they’re interviewing.

There are a lot of different jobs available and many of them require specific skills. You’ll want to consider your strengths and match that with what you’re looking to do on the job.

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