Adding Your Resume to LinkedIn: Is it a Good Idea or Not?

LinkedIn is a very popular professional social networking website. If you have a LinkedIn profile, I bet a lot of people use it to find job opportunities. Do you have your resume posted on LinkedIn? If not, there’s no better time to add your resume than now.

In this blog post, we will explain what you need to do in order for your current resume to show up on LinkedIn and get employers searching for you.

I am going to teach you how to add your resume on LinkedIn. I will not cover the HTML or JavaScript of posting a job board on LinkedIn. You can post your resume on LinkedIn with just a few clicks and without any knowledge of how to code it.

1.) Go to the LinkedIn homepage and click on the “Start here!” link:

2.) On the top right, click “Create a new account”. This sign-up page will let you pick your user name and password, create a profile, and set your job search preferences.

3.) Fill in “My Profile” with the information requested. Select “Security” to enable encryption for all communication between you and LinkedIn (LinkedIn encrypted all communication for me automatically).

4.) Fill in “Work History” with your employment history. For instance, if you are currently employed by ABC Company, fill in the company name as shown below:

5.) Click “Add resume”. On the next page, sign into your LinkedIn account if you are not already signed in.

6.) Click on the “Start using LinkedIn” link in the header of your profile to bring up this page.

7.) Click “Add Your Resume”.

8.) Select how you would like to add your resume by clicking one of the two buttons highlighted below: Upload File or Enter HTML.

Employers that are already on LinkedIn will be shown a “Recruiter” menu if they click on “Upload file.” This lets them view your resume in the browser.

Employers that are not yet using LinkedIn for recruiting may see a blank page if they select “Enter HTML”.

That’s it. Adding your resume to LinkedIn is as easy as clicking a few buttons. You should have your resume immediately visible to employers who have already signed up for the service.

Is it a Good Idea to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn?

If you’re a current employer, scoping out LinkedIn and adding your resume there is a good idea.

LinkedIn is a powerful recruiting tool for recruiters and companies who are actively looking for talent. The people who use LinkedIn to search for jobs already have experience with the company. They can submit their resume to the top company results if they like the company profile.

If you’re not currently working for any companies, I would not add your resume on LinkedIn unless you are truly interested in it. It is throwing fuel on the fire of your job search and likely to attract a lot of interest from recruiters.

If you have dozens or hundreds of recruiters contacting you, you will feel trapped and overwhelmed. In that case, it is a good idea to add your resume to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn allows employers to contact applicants from their profile page. It also shows all past jobs that you have held. These data points indicate that you are a very serious job seeker.

To summarize, the only reason to add your resume on LinkedIn is if you are interested in getting contacted by employers and recruiters who post jobs on the website. If you find no value in those benefits, do not add your resume.

LinkedIn should not be added to your profile unless you’re actively seeking work and want to get contacted by recruiters and fellow employees at companies that interest you.

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