5+ Helpful resume tips for veterans

Military experience is something that many recruiters are looking for.

Here are some tips on how to put your best foot forward on your resume, just in case you’re planning to look for a job outside the military.

  1. Emphasize your skills that are relevant to the civilian workforce, such as communication skills, teamwork abilities, and customer service skills gained through coaching or managing sports teams.
  2. List every single duty you performed during each assignment and any awards or commendations received; this will help make up for any gaps in civilian experience (e.g., if you worked as an administrative assistant full-time at one military base but held several leadership roles at another).
  3. Skip the dates you served in the military.
  4. If you have multiple assignments with similar duties, consider grouping them together to make a more impressive summary of your career.
  5. Include transferrable skills such as leadership skills and teamwork abilities, as well as a master’s degree earned on active-duty, if applicable.
  6. If you’re currently serving in the military, keep your resume up-to-date to ensure that it reflects any new training or achievements (e.g., certifications or promotions).
  7. Skip any other acronyms or abbreviations that don’t have a civilian equivalent, and use metric measurements if that was the standard in your career field (e.g. “could have trimmed branches on a 12-foot ladder”).
  8. Include clear career goals, but don’t focus on what you want to do after the military (e.g., make $50,000 when your civilian job doesn’t pay that much).
  9. Avoid mentioning salary history on your resume, but do include the range of pay for any military positions you held; employers may be interested in your future earnings potential and will make a decision based on that information.
  10. Use an objective statement instead of a resume summary (i.e., one that describes your skills and abilities, not what you’re looking to get out of the experience).

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